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Re: All in one ...Oops! + public apology

Hi All,

  I've put the cart before the horse, in posting my Groo
wallpapers for download.  I do not have them online any
longer - I'm currently awaiting permission from M.E. with
Sergio's approval to post his copyrighted material.

Sorry for the mix-up Groop and to ME, Sorry for not asking
permission first - despite fully knowing what (C) stands for...

M.E. would you consider permitting me to duplicate the copy-
righted material for posting to my website?


>ME: Uh, Craig, the (C) is a copyright line.  It means you can't
>duplicate the material without permission of the copyright holder.
>That means YOU can't, either.  Did you ask permission of either Sergio
>or me to post Groo wallpapers?
>Mark Evanier - PMB 303 - 363 S. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036