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Re: GrooFest 2000

Hey, Groosum here.

The only way I would be able to do Sergios' place would have to coincide with
the Con. I am flying in from Wisconsin so my time window is limited to the few
days before, during or after the Con. If we do no get to do the tour, a "Groop"
meeting would be just fine with me...

Gary Grossmann wrote:

> Hi Folks!
> Well, there has been very little response to my e-mail about altering the
> concept of GrooFest 2000.  So here is my question:
> Who is still up for all of us getting together at San Diego and taking it
> from there?  At the very least, we can get together while meeting the entire
> Groo Crew.
> Please respond to just me or "reply to all" for this message.  After I get
> feedback from you folks and "talk" to Mark", I'll put the mesasage out to
> the whole Groop if it looks like going to the Con is what we'll be doing.
> Thanks and take care -Gary G.


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