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Groofest woes

I was thinking guys, maybe we're getting a bit gung-ho about Groofest.
Let's think of it from Sergio's perspective.... would you want 30 complete
strangers in your home/studio?  I know I wouldn't.  2 or 4 maybe, but a
whole bunch?  No.  If it were me, I might consider meeting all those people
somewhere (be it the con, or a restaurant or something) but I think we
might be intruding, never mind increasing the chances of Sergio or ME
pulling the plug on the whole deal once they realize the trouble they've
stumbled into.  

I think Sergio should know exactly how many people will be going, and be
given the chance to say, "Sorry guys, how about we meet somewhere instead."
without feeling like a heel for it.

And from my perspective (1) I've never even been to california.  therefor
(2) I don't want to get lost on a 4 hour ride from the con to Ojai in a
place I've never been to. and then drive 4 hours back.

8 hours is a looooooong time in a car.  (that's if you don't get lost.) 

Just my 2 kopins.
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