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Groofest, et al

This is just to let everyone know that I intend to be at the Groofest,
whatever it turns out to be.  If we can't head up to Ojai, I suggest we
pick a dealer room at SDCC and conduct very loud group tours as if we
were at the studio.  That way if anyone complains, we can start a fray.

In other news, has everyone seen the newest Astro City?  (I forget the
number, but it is an issue about writing comic books, when there are
REAL heros that don't like publishers taking liberties with their
adventures.  Very interesting).  Well our very own ME is featured as the
moderator of a panel at the Astro City Con.  Gee, and I didn't think you
liked to travel all that much.

Jeff "insert witty nickname here"
     -- "Oh boy is this great!!!"