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Re: New groo (no spoilers)

Ha! You think you have it bad. When I ask at my local comic shop, I get a
blank look and a "What's Groo?"

LARRY!!!! Send me one!!!!!

Love, from,


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From: Chad Riden <chadmriden@yahoo.com>
To: groop@groo.com <groop@groo.com>
Date: Thursday, January 27, 2000 3:16 AM
Subject: New groo (no spoilers)

>There are no spoilers because I DON'T HAVE IT YET! I'm
>so mad. I've been to 2 local comic shops so far and
>they were both sold out. The first one was like, "we
>only ordered 2 or 3 copies." The second one said they
>were all sold out too... I made a point of saying,
>"well then next time you should order more copies,
>don't 'cha think?" It blows me away... they sell out
>in a few days and yet they try to tell me that they
>don't sell enough Groo to order more copies. IDIOTS! I
>try shop #3 & possibly #4 tomorrow...
>Chad M. Riden
>ICQ # 9922135>