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Re: Groofest woes

In a message dated 1/27/0 9:25:39 AM, nate@piekosarts.com writes:

>Let's think of it from Sergio's perspective.... would you want 30 complete
>strangers in your home/studio?I think we might be intruding?

In a private message to Gary, I said essentially that when push comes to 
shove (comes to airline reservations and hotels) I doubt it really would be 
as many as 30 people showing up. It's certainly just as POSSIBLE that we may 
only end up with four or five people. 

So, two or five or thirty or fifty, I suggest we see how many of us are 
SERIOUSLY looking into plans to attend SDCC; then, IF the offer still stands 
and IF Sergio thinks the number of attendees is reasonable, hooray, let's 
have fun. If there's a large Groop, then alternate plans can be discussed, 
whether it's taking Sergio & Mark to dinner in San Diego or having 
Grooburgers at Mark's restaurant in LA (the name of which escapes me) or just 
making GrooFest a meeting of fans without Mark and Sergio's active input 
(they are very busy men, after all). Whatever we actually do, it'll be fun to 
meet some of you guys and gals in the flesh!

-Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy