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Re: Groofest woes

Hi Folks!

Hey there, Nate.  I don't see how we can be getting too gun-ho about
GrooFest when we are not, and never have, planned on doing anything besides
showing up at the San Diego Con without the go ahead from Sergio.

As I said a couple days ago in an e-mail to the folks who had expressed an
interest in GrooFest (and for the most part also going to the Con), a get
together at a restaurant and a studio tour was Sergio's idea when I saw him
at a Seattle Con. But I waited until I saw him again at San Diego to ask him
if he was serious.  He said he was and for me to figure out a time and FAX
him.  Only then did I announce it to the Groop and start taking names.  And
I relayed the info to Sergio per his instructions and waited for a reply
before doing anything else.

At this point, Mark let me know that Sergio thought we were talking about 5
or 6 people, not 20-30.  So I sent him another letter asking him, among
other things, if we should just forget the whole thing because it was too
many people.  Alas, no response.  So I asked Mark (I was hoping to avoid
bothering Mark) to ask Sergio about it and he said that Sergio was out of
the country and "fiercely behind" on deadlines, so he would ask at an
appropriate time.  So once again, good friend and business partner Mark was
pressing Sergio to meet deadlines while protecting him from distractions,
which in this case is us (or me). That is good and what I want because I
don't want to do anything that is a pain in the butt or a drag for the Groo
Crew. (My guess is my second letter, with it's little check-the-boxes
questions and SASE, is under a pile of stuff in Sergio's studio, which, btw,
is not part of his home).

So Nate, I must disagree with you.  Other than the idea for the
hat/pin/t-shirt with some copy righted material on it, I don't think we've
been too gun-ho at all.  I think we have shown restraint and respect by
essentially freezing any Ojai plans until we get some further word from

(btw, I tried to subtlely steer away from the idea of a Groop identifier
(i.e.hat/pin/t-shirt) with something "Groo" on it.  Some of you may recall
Mark telling that the mouse pad should be thought of as pretty much a
one-time thing in that regard.  So just forget it.  If we have a Groop
Identifier, we need to come up with something that doesn't involve a copy
right.  I think the word "Groop" would be OK. Not sure about GrooFest.

ANYWAY, as I said to the GrooFest folks (and I think elsewhere as well)
since things are NOT coming together very well at this point for an Ojia
GrooFest and virtually everyone wants to go to the San Diego con, I suggest
we begin to plan a DIFFERENT VERSION OR CONCEPT of GrooFest 2000 whereby we
all get together at the Con and descend on Sergio & Stan & Mark & Tom at the
Con where descending "en masse" is definitely OK.  If we can work out
something special with the Groo Crew, great. You never know. If not, well so
what.  Being there and meeting the Groo Crew and each other is special

(another) btw, My only concern about us all getting together at a restaurant
with the Groo Crew at the Con is that the creators like Mark and Sergio
often go out with old friends they only see once or twice a year and they
also have lunch with publishers and those types, plus there is the Eisner
awards which takes up one dinner.  (Mark did very kindly treat me to a
burger in between two of his panels last year. With his schedule, that may
be as good as it gets.  However, WE could all get together at a restaurant.
Too bad Hamptons and Groo Burgers are two hours north!)

So what do you think?  Who is coming to the 2000 San Diego Comic Con?
(Excuse me, that's "Comic Con International")  Magnus is coming from Sweden.
Shane is coming from North Hollywood.  Who else?

Take care all -Gary G.

PS  If we have an approved Groop T-shirt at the con (I still think an orange
one, a la Groo's tunic, would be cool) I an sure Sergio would be happy to
sign them.