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Re: Groofest woes

On Thu, 27 Jan 2000 22:00:53 -0800, "Gary Grossmann"
<grossfam@olywa.net> wrote:

>ANYWAY, as I said to the GrooFest folks (and I think elsewhere as well)
>since things are NOT coming together very well at this point for an Ojia
>GrooFest and virtually everyone wants to go to the San Diego con, I suggest
>we begin to plan a DIFFERENT VERSION OR CONCEPT of GrooFest 2000 whereby we
>all get together at the Con and descend on Sergio & Stan & Mark & Tom at the
>Con where descending "en masse" is definitely OK.  If we can work out
>something special with the Groo Crew, great. You never know. If not, well so
>what.  Being there and meeting the Groo Crew and each other is special

ME: If you'd like, I could probably get the San Diego Con to give us
one of those small meeting rooms -- big enough for two dozen or so
people -- and we could have a private Groo meeting with Sergio, Tom,
Stan and me.  Maybe we could do it around lunchtime and bring in pizza
or something...

Mark Evanier - PMB 303 - 363 S. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036