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> From: "Gabriel Owens" <dweezil33@hotmail.com>

> For attending the comic con, tenative.  For Groofest, doubtful.  Don't
> clog up the chances of the others going.
> Gabe

Well, actually Gabe, it looks like GrooFest 2000 will be taking place within
the Con.  Ojai & Studio tour would seem to be by the boards because I was
told through Mark that Sergio thought it would be 5-6 people, not the 25
that originally indicated interest or even the dozen plus that have
re-indicated interest.  So if you are "tentative" for the con, you are
"tentative" for GrooFest 2000 as it is currently being conceived.  I think
it will be a blast!

Take care -Gary "Man it sure has been quiet the last few days" Grossmann