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Re: Huzzah!

Ar-ar-art work on the b-b-boxes?!?!?  Just like on the box for the statue?
Arrgghh!!!  I hate hate hate Diamond!!!!  I want my ornamnets!!!  If I don't
get them soon, I'll go crazy!!   (oops, too late)  -Gary G.

PS  Original art on the boxes means the boxes themselves are an official
Groo Item!!

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Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2000 8:38 PM
Subject: Huzzah!

> My Groo cold-cast porcelain ornaments arrived this afternoon from Moore
> Creations, Inc.  Even better news is that I ordered two extra (in the
> unlikely event a couple of Groop members are unable to get their paws on
> one).  In my opinion, the artwork featured on the boxes are better than
> actual ornaments and worth every penny.  If more than two people are
> interested, I will have to devise some Groo trivia to determine who will
> the extras . . .
> Waiting for Groofest 2000,
> Finn Smith
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