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Re: Gil Kane

In a message dated 2/1/0 2:47:25 AM, ericchun@hotmail.com writes:


I was born in 1961, so for me, Gil Kane IS Green Lantern. Oh, I didn't know 
his name when I was a kid, but from the day I first noticed his name on a 
comic I said "Oh yeah, of course! I'd know that facial style anywhere!" 

I often tell of how I first picked up Groo as a result of recognizing 
Sergio's style on the cover "Hey, that looks like those Mad Marginals." Well, 
when I returned to  comics as a young adult in 1983, the first three creators 
whose style I instantly recognized were Carmine "Flash" Infantino, Gil "Green 
Lantern" Kane and Sergio "Mad" Aragones. 

His early 1980s (1984???) SWORD OF THE ATOM was, for me, the first time I 
ever saw major changes to a comic book character. Hey, don't these guys 
pretty much stay the same from issue to issue? SOTA is still one of my 
all-time favorite mini-series. (Hey, Ray Palmer's face is sunburned where 
Atom's mask didn't cover, and is white where the mask was! Cool detail!) Pick 
it up if you can find it, it's a fun read! 

I didn't know the man, but his work affected me more than I can express. I'll 
miss ya, Gil!

-Larry Steller