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Groo stuff

The groop has been pretty quiet lately, but I do
recall someone needing some groo stuff.  I was gonna
give you guys first crack at this stuff before, if
ever, I put it on eBay.

I wouldn't usually do this kinda thing but I'm
strapped for cash because I just had to drop about one
grand to fix my car(clutch/transmission problems). 
Now not only is me going to Groopfest/SDCC out, which
I really wanted to go, I'm kinda scraping for cash.

The main thing that you guys would be interested in is
two Groo T-shirts, framed.

the first one is Groo, with his back turned, standing
triumphantly over a big dead lizard guy.

The other one is a shot of Groo(about mid-chest up)
with his sword drawn and Rufferto, looking ready to

Both are in nice black frames.


Pacific Groo #3, signed
Dark Horse Groo #1
Marvel/epic Groo the Wanderer #1

Please reply PRIVATELY for offers


Jacob S.

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