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A sad moment...

I have to vent. I'm sorry.

One of the highlights of my weekly reading is my CBG (Comics Buyers Guide). I love reading the stories about who Mark Evanier has met or what Mark Evanier has done. For those that don't know, he has a weekly column called P.O.V. (Point Of View, I believe). I've also come to enjoy Maggie Thompsons articles.

Anyway, enough of the Free Plug. It seems, that as of late, there have been too many deaths of people that were tied to the comic book industry in one way. We've lost Don Martin of Mad Magazine fame. Mark Cohen who had incrediable ties in the art selling business. Then I read in last weeks CBG that Pat Boyette has left us.

I was sad. I told my girlfriend that I was sad. She didn't understand. I only discovered Pat Boyettes works because of an article that Mark Evanier wrote in CBG #1291. For me, I have put Pat Boyette up there with Neal Adams and Jim Steranko for my favorite Old School artists.

Was his artwork cutting edge for the era he was in? I don't know, I'm not that artistically inclined to make such a judgement call. To me, his artwork was drawn with passion and love for the art itself. I feel there are too many artists today that worship the all might dollar a little more than the love of the work.

I only know what kind of person Pat Boyette was through several of Marks stories. He was a go to person. If you were in a bind, he'd drop everything to help you out. Nate was just awed by the time frame that Mark and Sergio put out an issue of Groo. Pat Boyette pencilled (I'm not sure if he inked it also) an entire issue of Charlton Premiere in four (yes four) days! That, my friends, is impressive.

I actually morn his loss. I would have loved to have met him at a Con someday, if it were possible. I'm sure I'd rank him right up there with Sergio Aragones and Jim Steranko (a few who really appreciate their fans and will talk with them!!!)