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Re: Hey ME...

Uh, Eric, we are, um, Groo Fans.  We live for mindless violence! (within
proper visual bounds, of course)

Wow Nate!  Sounds great!  I will order Lint McCree and read it and
everything!   And to think, we knew him when....

Take care -Gary G.

Psst!  Nate!  Are you coming to San Diego?

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>Hmm .. Hmm .. Well, okayyyyy .. I'll purchase
>an issue when it comes out, if it doesn't con-
>tain any mindless violence .. Comic books shouldn't
>contain mindless violence ..

~~~ No mindless violence.  Justifyable violence, sure.... .  here's the

All the Pretty Girls
Lint McCree and his partner Sam "Norm" Normal are working on a string of
missing persons cases when they get called off to investigate the
a fifty-year-old warmachine from the Museum of Military History. The city's
superheroes, young and old, reluctantly join forces in a race to stop the
but as the night wears on, it seems one of the city's protectors might be
but how much? And why?

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