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Postcard from the edge...

Hi folks!

Sorry I've been so out-of-touch lately....  My computer at home is D-E-A-D
and my new one is on order but is slow coming (Intel's P3-550 chip is out of
stock, so I'm getting a 600 instead).  Plus, at work I've been busier than
Groo learning to read a coloring book (I had to work 12 hour grave-yard
shifts last week, amoung other crazy long hours).  I can't even read my
Groo-mail through my ISPs web-interface 'cause my internet connection at
work is on the fritz!

Anyhow, I hope all is well, and I hope to back on line sometime next week.

PS: Borje -- I need your mailing adress to send your Groopads to!

Your favorite old-timer,
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