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WhooHoo!!!  Congratulations Nate!!!  Hey, Larry, if someone from the groop
becomes famous (other than for appearing on Americas 10 Most Wanted) my
guess is it will be Nate.

Nate, just a thought, but you could spend some of your windfall coming to
San Diego as a small publisher/artist (or however that works), write it off
as a business expense, thereby saving a huge percentage, promote and sell
Lint, and then you and Chett can catch a short flight on down to one of
those nice Mexican resorts for a romantic getaway before flying back to New
England.   A combination of business &  pleasure followed by..., well we
won't get into that.  Anywho, it was just a thought.

Shane wrote:

>  Maybe you should break one or two legs to help jog his memory.

Tell heck with his memory, I say we break his legs and then make him jog!

Volker wrote:

>  Cool, the German edition has been out for at least  half a month now

What?!?!?!  Out 2 weeks and I didn't know, let alone arrange to buy one?  I
must be slipping!

Have a good weekend all and take care -Gary G.