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Usagi -ON Topic!!!

First, anything that has to do with the creative endeavors of any member of
the Groo Crew or the Groop is definitely on topic!  That goes double for
Stan "Eisner Winner" Sakai and Usagi Yojimbo.

Second, Groosum, it's cool that you are hooked.  You can get every last
Usagi adventure, except, I think, the first color special, in a series the
trade paperbacks.  The first 6 or so were put out by Fantagraphics and now
Dark Horse is putting them out.  Buy them from Stan at the Con!!!  You are
in for a treat.  There have been something like 100 Usagi comic books.

Third, whenever Stan talks about how he got started doing Usagi, he can't
get out two sentences without mentioning how Sergio encouraged him and
emphasized the importance of research.  So Sergio had a hand in the
marvelous authenticity and accurate incorporation of Japanese mythology that
Nate refered to.

Sergio.  Stan.  A Great Comic.  How more on topic can you get?

Take care all-  Gary G.

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> Hey all, I just read my first issue of Usagi and I'm hooked!!! Kudos for
> Stan and Tom...
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