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Re: On Usagi

> How many of you guys read Usagi as well as Groo? (I
> do.)
I do I do I do.
Usagi rules.
Of course, Groo rules too.
> How did you start into Usagi?  
No, that's not quite it.
It's actually all the teenage mutant ninja turtles fault.
(Usagi used to be published by mirage, I think.)
So I was one of those kids who woke up early saturday
morning to watch the tmnt cartoon. I'm not proud of it but
I was barely 10 years old so...anyway, that's my excuse.
So I actually had the first usagi action figure. and a few 
of the archie comic books. Eeeek.
Years later I was looking at a mail order catalog and they
had the fantagraphic compilation volume 3. 
And I was hooked eversince.
I got mostly compilations and most of the dark horse run now.
And the action figure. Still hoping to grad the statue.