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Re: On Usagi

>How did you start into Usagi?  
>   I would imagine the most common answer would be how
>I got into it -- saw that Stan Sakai of Groo fame did
>it, and was hooked by the first issue.

~~~ Well, I've always been interested in ancient weapons and tactics, even
from around junior high.  And with such an interest it is inevitable that
one studies Fuedal Japan.... the makers of the most perfect blade known to
mankind, the katana.  (that's scientific fact.).  Also Japan's caste system
reflects in its combat to create a history of warriors unlike any the world
has ever seen or probably will again.  For a few years before college I
made Japanese samurai history my top hobby..... and being a lover of
comics, I naturally read the two best japanese related -- Usagi and Lone
Wolf and Cub.  In college I minored in Ancient History with a focus on
weapons and warfare and did a final paper in my last year on the
samurai.... I begged the professor to let me bring in my 17th century
replica katana (razor sharp)  but he refused.... campus security would have
dissaproved (this was before Columbine and the rash of school shootings, so
there might have been a chance...)

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