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Re: On Usagi

Hi Groop!
I started to read Usagi three months ago. The trade paperbarks are being
published in Spain from around 1998, and by that time I decided not to
anything except Groo. Somehow the Groop awakened my interests in other
so I decided to try Usagi. I enjoyed so much reading my first Usagi
book, that
I decided I could not miss reading it anymore. 
Now I have all the Spanish Usagi TP (four) and I also collect Bone
(apart from occasionally buying some TPs or Graphic novels by some of my
favorite artists, such as Mignola, Graig Russell, and some European
So I thank the Groop for making me relive a pleasure of the past:
new top quality artists and comic books.
Hasta luego!
Dan Cortés