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So-called "Groo" Miniature


I am one of the biggest Groo fans in the known universe (and
beyonnnnnddddd!), owner of the largest Groo item collections on the planet,
a dedicated member of the Groop, world renowned finder of all things Groo,
an unofficial Groo historian AND an unofficial Groo Item Watchdog!!!!
(Queensland Heeler, just like Rufferto!  Arf!)

So it is not lightly that I say:  YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!!!!!

Your miniature posted at
http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=255102564 doesn't
look anything like Groo and is not Groo and has nothing to do with Groo.
And even if it did, if Ral Partha or whoever is trying to pass off anything
as Groo, it is UNauthorized and that is a big legal no-no (and not very nice
either.)  Perhaps worst of all, you have offended the hearts and minds (such
as they are), not to mention the eyes, of all True Blue Groo fans by saying
that that wretched mini is our beloved Groo!!

So unless you want to be harrassed unmercifully by the Groop, you need to
remove the "Groo" designation from the ebay sale and if Ral Partha is
passing off these hideous minis as Groo, they need to stop.  Rename them
"Conard the Vegetarian" or something like that.

Rabidly yours,

Gary Grossmann
President and Founder
(Organization Bent on Seriously Exerting Subversive Silliness EveryDay