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Sergiography Mystery Solved!!!

Hi Folks!

(listen up Ruben!)  There is an item on the Sergiography listed as "Misc!
#19".  It is the only item on the Serg. from 1982 to the present that I
could never find or even find anything about.  Sergio himself had no idea.
Well, a guy I've been in contact with for a year or so told me he had this
"little mini-comic" lying around with Groo on the cover and he sent it to

It arrived today and, wonder of wonders, it turns out to be Misc! #19!!
copyright 1986 by High School Comics (Randy Paske and Bob Pfeffer
publishers/editors)  It is 4.25" x 5.5" and b&w.  Groo is on the cover
slashing a big "MISC!" sign in half.  The drawing is dated 1985.  Sergio did
only the cover.  It has a bunch of little comics inside by Ted Bolman, James
Gill, Tim DeGroot, Chuck Bunker, Matt Feazell, Tim Corrigan, Bill Fitts,
Larry Marder, & Brad Foster.  This is the second printing, of which there
were 1150.  There were 250 of the first printing. (That aught to be enough
info for you Ruben!)

It's so wierd.  I had pretty much written off Misc! #19 as some kind of
mistake.  And then it's just plopped in my lap!  Whoohoo!

Take care all -Gary G.