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Re: So-called "Groo" Miniature

Hi Mr. Fitchell and Everyone Else (again)!

The Groo card you are thinking about is #6 of the set of 9 IG (Images of
Groo) cards that were inserts in the Groo trading card packs.  9 different
artists did their renditions of Groo or Groo characters.  #6 is by Simon
Bisley and is definitely a serious "kick-butt" concept of Groo.  I doubt
there is any connection.

What is Ral Partha anyway?

I have only one complete set of the comics.  I think Shane had 2 and half at
one point.  I have a few extras of this and that for trading purposes or in
case something gets damaged .  But mostly I have one of almost everything
humanly possible to get.  (e.g. 10 different T-shirts, 8 different posters)
I did find a couple extra T-shirts (size small) and my daughter wears them
as nighties.

I've met the Groo Crew several times now, enough so that if they see me
first they know to hide.  Anyone who wants to meet the whole Groo Crew and
have time to talk with them and stuff should go to the San Diego Comic
Con!!!!  I hear there is going to be some kind of private GrooFest there
this year!

btw, Mr. Fitchell, you said you worked for Microsoft.  Are you up here in

Take care all -Gary G.

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From: "Mr. Fitchell"

> Actually, That looks kinda like that "serious" groo... you know, when that
> artist drew a serious looking groo? There's a whole card set on it...
> that be what that miniature is supposed to be? I'm not sure, I think it
> drawn by "Tex" or Bernie wrightson (can't spell)... but I have seen the
> cards... A really buff seriously drawn Groo...
> On another note... I have three complete sets of Epic #1-120,  Pacific
> issues 1-8, The Eclipse Special, StarSlayer#5, and Destroyer Duck#1,  and
> about half missing from a 4th set. I've also got the Buttons,  2 T-shirts,
> 2 Posters.. but only one set of the miniatures though...  I never knew
> anyone else  who had that many groo's...  I've also got a complete set of
> Plop! (you remember that one?)  :).
> Do you have multiple complete sets too, or am I the only Groo Mental head
> this group?
> Have you met the group? (Mark, Sergio, Tom, Stan) I had my golden
> opportunity to see them When they were all at the Golden Apple Comic shop
> Reseda, Ca... But of course, it was on a thanksgiving weekend (back in `86
> or `87)and my Mom wouldn't let me go because My Granny was home
> That was the only time Groo ever made me cry. :(
> Let me know if I'm wrong about that Groo mini on Ebay...