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Re: So-called "Groo" Miniature

Yes.. Those would be the cards I saw. I loved them. Anyone have any scanned
images of those?

Ral Partha is a major company that produces Miniatures... I only know that
because I searched about 20 search engines looking for a "groo" mini after
seeing your link to ebay.

I was a very serious collector of Groo up until around Epic# 115 or so... I
remember how sad I was when they stopped at #120... I had actually stopped
collecting comics altogether around that time... all the comics I had
collected were getting really stupid and all the cool artist left marvel
which left my fav's being drawn by a bunch of lam-o's To be very honest with
this group, up until I did an internet search on groo a few months ago, I
thought his comic adventures had died with Epic... then I took the Groo
test, became a "groop" member, and then I've been getting filled in on all
the Groo I've missed over the past 6 years... So, I guess you can say you
are doing a good deed for the mighty name of Groo. Thanks.

No.. I'm not in Washington, but I grew up in Van Nuys and spent a lot of my
youth at just about every major (and minor) Comic shop in Southern
California. I was always aware of the San Diego Comic Con.. never did attend
one though.

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Subject: Re: So-called "Groo" Miniature

> Hi Mr. Fitchell and Everyone Else (again)!
> The Groo card you are thinking about is #6 of the set of 9 IG (Images of
> Groo) cards that were inserts in the Groo trading card packs.  9 different
> artists did their renditions of Groo or Groo characters.  #6 is by Simon
> Bisley and is definitely a serious "kick-butt" concept of Groo.  I doubt
> there is any connection.
> What is Ral Partha anyway?
> I have only one complete set of the comics.  I think Shane had 2 and half
> one point.  I have a few extras of this and that for trading purposes or
> case something gets damaged .  But mostly I have one of almost everything
> humanly possible to get.  (e.g. 10 different T-shirts, 8 different
> I did find a couple extra T-shirts (size small) and my daughter wears them
> as nighties.
> I've met the Groo Crew several times now, enough so that if they see me
> first they know to hide.  Anyone who wants to meet the whole Groo Crew and
> have time to talk with them and stuff should go to the San Diego Comic
> Con!!!!  I hear there is going to be some kind of private GrooFest there
> this year!
> btw, Mr. Fitchell, you said you worked for Microsoft.  Are you up here in
> Washington?
> Take care all -Gary G.
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> From: "Mr. Fitchell"
> > Actually, That looks kinda like that "serious" groo... you know, when
> > artist drew a serious looking groo? There's a whole card set on it...
> Could
> > that be what that miniature is supposed to be? I'm not sure, I think it
> was
> > drawn by "Tex" or Bernie wrightson (can't spell)... but I have seen the
> > cards... A really buff seriously drawn Groo...
> >
> > On another note... I have three complete sets of Epic #1-120,  Pacific
> > issues 1-8, The Eclipse Special, StarSlayer#5, and Destroyer Duck#1,
> > about half missing from a 4th set. I've also got the Buttons,  2
> > 2 Posters.. but only one set of the miniatures though...  I never knew
> > anyone else  who had that many groo's...  I've also got a complete set
> > Plop! (you remember that one?)  :).
> >
> > Do you have multiple complete sets too, or am I the only Groo Mental
> in
> > this group?
> > Have you met the group? (Mark, Sergio, Tom, Stan) I had my golden
> > opportunity to see them When they were all at the Golden Apple Comic
> in
> > Reseda, Ca... But of course, it was on a thanksgiving weekend (back in
> > or `87)and my Mom wouldn't let me go because My Granny was home
> visiting...
> > That was the only time Groo ever made me cry. :(
> >
> > Let me know if I'm wrong about that Groo mini on Ebay...
> >