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Re: So-called "Groo" Miniature

In a message dated 2/7/0 11:51:25 PM, grossfam@olywa.net writes:

>What is Ral Partha anyway?

Ral Partha is a manufacturer of small pewter or lead figurines, often used in 
wargaming and fantasy games like Dungeons & Dragons. As far as gaming 
figurines go, they're the name brand, like Coke is to soft drinks. I think 
that if the packaging actually did say Groo on it Sergio and ME would have 
put a stop to it long ago. 

In a message dated 2/7/0 11:40:51 PM, mark@caislean.com writes:

>As to if Ral Partha had any legal rights to make a likeness of Groo - that
>I do not know, but there's no denying who the figure is meant to 
>represent.  In retrospect titling "Groo - Like" miniature may have been
>a better choice of words.  However once activity has started on an auction
>it cannot be changed.

Question: do you still have the packaging? Are you SURE that Ral Partha 
referred to it as a Groo figurine? I'm sure you mean no harm and your 
intentions are good, but you should know that ebay has a policy against 
selling items that infringe upon a copyright, as this clearly does if the 
packaging says "Groo". As far as saying that once activity has started on an 
auction it cannot be changed, I seriously doubt that is the case if the 
copyright holder files a complaint. 

-Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy