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Re: So-called "Groo" Miniature

> Weeelllll, it is ugly as sin, and he does have two swords, but otherwise
>be pretty surprised if a major miniatures manufacturer like Ral Partha
>ever call that THING Groo and get away with it. I'm afraid you are sadly
>mistaken. Too bad I'm not into D&D anymore, though, otherwise I might be
>tempted to bid on it just to annoy Gary!

> By the way, I'll bet Gary will forgive you if you buy the current issue of
> Groo, Mightier Than The Sword and tell him how much you like it!

Actually, I'll forgive him if he buys all four and the Groo & Rufferto Trade
paperback when it comes out.

>Ral Partha is a manufacturer of small pewter or lead figurines, often used
>wargaming and fantasy games like Dungeons & Dragons. As far as gaming
>figurines go, they're the name brand, like Coke is to soft drinks.

Ha!!!  Proof that Ral Partha did not call the mini "Groo"  If they had, they
would be out of business!!  Like Beta is to videos.  Like Pacific & Eclipse
are to comics.  I'll bet they called it Groonan or Grew or something like

And Dan, there is good ugly and there is bad ugly.  Groo is good ugly.  That
mini is bad, ugly ugly!!!  This makes sence if you are a Groo fan, as any
fool can plainly see.  (I think)

I'm not sleeping well again,  Take care all

Gary "Ugly Buggly" G.