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Re: 3d GROO!!

Wow, very cool 3-d renderings of Groo.
Which brings up a question I have on that kind of thing. Many times in the comic book industry I see
other artists putting in characters and such. A good example is the satire in MAD magazine. Aot of times
very similar or like characters appear. Do they have to get permission from the artist to do that or is there
some kind of thing that says one can do that?
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Subject: 3d GROO!!

HO gang!!

You may recall me posting to the Groop a while back about a 3d model of
Groo? Well, thanks to M.E. and his kindness, I have been allowed to
feature this model in my online-portfolio.  Well now, since I´ve spiced
up the model a bit I thought I´d let you all see the new pics of it.
Keep in mind that it´s from 1996........



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