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Re: Sergio Stars in Sherlock: Undercover Dog

Hmmm.  It's not in my Leonard Maltin book.  My daughter loves dogs.  I love
Sergio.  And you never know when he might be drawing something.  Hmmm.  You
may have to fight me for this one, Mike.  Take care all -Gary G.

I agree with Nate.  Eric's handwriting is very cool.  Maybe someone will pay
him $500 for it!

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Subject: Sergio Stars in Sherlock: Undercover Dog

>      There's an interesting item on eBay that I don't believe is currently
>      on Ruben's Seriography:  a video tape from 1994 starring Sergio and
>      Wayland Flowers called Sherlock: "Undercover Dog."  The lot
>      description says the performance of the child and canine are
>      "appealing"...but doesn't mention Sergio's performance!
>      Mike S.