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Re: Eric's Handwriting

Hi guys/grrls!

Nate wrote:
Hey, has anyone seen Eric Chun's handwriting?

Uh, yes, I have.

It's extremely cool, let me tell you.  Eric sent
me cash for Lint McCree Mysteries and the writing
on the envelope would make a beautiful font.
Maybe it's just cuz I design them... but, how about
it Eric?  How would you like to be responsible for
"CHUN" the font!  Let me know (privately) and
I'll tell you what I need from you to make the font.
(all my fonts are freeware TTF for PC. )

Wow -- thanks, Nate! You're more than welcome to use my handwriting as a font.

Sorry, can't do anything this week, though, 'cause
I've got a plane to catch in 13 hours.  Returning
very late Sunday night.  (My parents don't have a
computer :(
so I won't be able to log on for the next 4 days.)

Also, Eric, LINT McCREE MYSTERIES #1 doesn't come
out until mid to late March, so I'll hold onto this
and mail you one when it comes out, OK?

You guys/grrls want to purchase Lint McCree, too, to see what happens to the missing Grossmann (Erin??)!!! Plug! Plug!

See you.

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