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Re: Eric's Handwriting

>so I won't be able to log on for the next 4 days.)

~~~ Actually, I don't need you to be on a computer.  I just need you to
snail mail me a specific set of letters written in your handwriting.... and
they are:

. , ? / " ' : ; ! @ # $ % & * ( ) - +

That's it.  If you could write them in a slightly thicker pen stroke than
you usually do, that would help too.

>You guys/grrls want to purchase Lint McCree, too, to
>see what happens to the missing Grossmann (Erin??)!!!
>Plug! Plug!

~~~ Actually, I "borrowed" some last names of some Groopers that you guys
will be able to pick out instantly......for 6 missing girls -- it's a case
that Lint is working on..... the funny thing is that there really is a
"missing Grossmann" in the book.  It's the last name of one of the girls!

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