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DH Jr. & New Groo

Subject: Re: Dark Horse Jr.

> > ME, is this a new Groo, it looks very familiar, but I am a little
> > slow of mind, so I can't place it for sure, and my collection looks
> > like a fray happened on it at the moment.
> I think it is actually a new story, but takes a lot of elements and
> ideas from other Lil' Groo stories we've seen before...

Hi Folks!

Dennis is correct.  New Groo.  Same ol' Granny.  Same result.  For me it's
like John Wayne westerns or Popeye cartoons.  Yeah, you know what's going to
happen, or at least you think you do, but it's done so well you can't get
enough!!!  And then sometimes they throw you a curve, you are surprised, and
it's really cool as well, like the end of "Groo: The Most Intelligent Man in
the World" or when Sweetpea eats the Spinach and saves Popeye or John Wayne
gets killed!

btw, has everyone read the new Groo #1?  What does everyone think?  I loved
it!!  I won't say anything that's a spoiler, but I love it when Mark &
Sergio show people being even dumber than Groo AND not have it be that far
from reality!!  Chew on that statement for moment.

Anywho, take care all -Gary G.