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Well, it's another slow Friday on the ol Groo list....   So I got to

I'm sure some of you out there belong to other lists... how does the Groo
list compare to those?  I would guess we have a unique collection of
personas around here.  Many of us have been on the list for years... is
that a common thing?  Another thing:  we almost never argue... or get nasty
or flame each other..... I can remember maybe 2 instances where it got a
little rough, but that's it.   I was just wondering because the Groo list
is the only list I've ever subscribed to.  The first and only.

~Nate (I'm all excited, Lint t-shirts come back from the printer today, and
Lint #1 gets mailed out to be printed today too!) Piekos

(although some of us have tendencies to plug things shamelessly.....) ; )

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