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Re: lists

On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Nate Piekos wrote:

> I'm sure some of you out there belong to other lists... how does the Groo
> list compare to those?  I would guess we have a unique collection of
> personas around here.  Many of us have been on the list for years... is
> that a common thing?  Another thing:  we almost never argue... or get nasty
> or flame each other..... I can remember maybe 2 instances where it got a
> little rough, but that's it.   I was just wondering because the Groo list
> is the only list I've ever subscribed to.  The first and only.
> ~Nate (I'm all excited, Lint t-shirts come back from the printer today, and
> Lint #1 gets mailed out to be printed today too!) Piekos
> (although some of us have tendencies to plug things shamelessly.....) ; )

Well, non-professionally, I also subscribe to the Battlestar Galactica
mailing list (one of the best shows ever -- think of the Cylons as big
metal Groos.  Professionally, I also subscribe to the Trombone-l mailing
list and the Brass Instruments mailing list.  The trombone list gets
really nasty sometimes (you know how it is when you get more than 2
trombone players in a room together at any one time).  I used to be a very
active participant on the list, giving advice and help and asking
questions I've had as well.  Now the list has grown in popularity and
size, plus everyone and their grandmother has email these days, and I
can't post anything without getting flamed or having a smarta** remark
made about me.  I'm not talking "in-good-fun" remarks either.  These got
really bad.   So the rest of the oldtimers and myself, plus all the
professionals (I'm not even close to being in their class) respond
privately to most queries.

Curious about the rest of you guys as well.
Elie "The Big Tromboner" Harriett