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Re: lists

Elie A Harriett wrote:

> really bad.   So the rest of the oldtimers and myself, plus all the
> professionals (I'm not even close to being in their class) respond
> privately to most queries.
> Curious about the rest of you guys as well.
> Elie "The Big Tromboner" Harriett

Shame how the bigger a list gets the more likely it is to be unfun. I'm
also on a few more lists. The Daredevil list has grown a LOT (as the
title grew in popularity this last year), and we now have our share of
goombahs & detractors. I'm on another relatively small list just about
Gene Colan (artist of DD & many other titles) that is pure heaven. Folks
on there are a lot like the Groop: looking out for each other, finding
info or issues for each other, etc. Those are the kind of lists to be
on! :)