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Re: lists


Nate wonders about lists:

> I'm sure some of you out there belong to other lists... how does the Groo
> list compare to those?  I would guess we have a unique collection of
> personas around here.  Many of us have been on the list for years... is
> that a common thing?

Well I am on several lists :
 * groo-l
   - date: the oldest mail I've from the list is from October 1996
   - what: Groo fans
   - fact: I am still subscribed, but I haven't read the list for months
           execpt random posts such as Nate's. I hope someday I'll catch
           up. Also, i made good deals and/or gifts with people here.
           I like it here, but would like to be more active.

 * oulipo (oulipo@quatramaran.ens.fr)
   - date: the oldest mail I've from the list is from October 1996
   - what: oulipo (french literary group -- literature wiuth constraints) 
   - fact: I originated this list with my future girlfriend.
           I met good friends there, and some of us meet often IRL.
           This list is a side effect of web site. Those helped me
           actually meet some of the writers of the group. In fact I'll
           have lunch with one of them tomorow...

 * Internet Oracle Oracularities (oracle-request@cs.indiana.edu)
   - date: since november 1997
   - what: the digests of Oracular wisdom
   - fact: If you don't know the Great Usenet/Internet Oracle, you should.
           Learn about him by sending a mail with 'help' in the subject
           line at oracle@cs.indiana.edu, or even better with 'tellme'
           in the subject, and some grovel and your question (any
           question) in the body of the mail.
           Another fact: I haven't read these digests for months. :-(

 * Paris Perl Mongers (paris-pm-list@hfb.pm.org)
   - date: early May 1999
   - what: Paris (France) Perl Users Group
   - fact: Quite active list. We have monthly meetings where we mostly
           drink beer and talk about computers. Sometimes we forget to
           talk about the Perl language. I missed one meeting since I
           joined the group, and another one because I didn't know the
           group actually existed.

 * opc-fr (opc-fr@netcourrier.com)
   - date: since november 1999
   - what: OPC stands for Obfuscated Perl Contest
   - fact: I was second in my category at OPC4, 1999, with a program
           that works both in C and Perl, and does something possibly
           useful, while quite unreadable. Another Paris Perl Monger
           was first in his category at OPC3, 1998. So I decided that
           we frenchies should show the yankees that we can write
           particularly ugly code, and set up this list for those french
           mongers who wanted to try and win the next contest.
           Very low traffic. Mostly unreadable. ;-)

 * jack2k 
   - date: december 1999
   - what: Jack will make you regret year 2000...
   - fact: This one I set up too. Well, Jack is the nickname of a friend
           (after Jack the Ripper), who says not that "everybody must die"
           but "everybody must die with awful pain". Very very very low
           traffic. It's a joke, it's funny, though sometime a little
           tasteless on the side.

 * misc@openbsd.org
   - date: very recently and not for long
   - what: Miscellaneous Questions about OpenBSD
   - fact: high traffic list, I did unsubscribe as soon as I had my answer

I wonder what is tells you about me (except for eclectism, maybe?), but
there it is...

What I like about the lists I am in, is the fact that it drives people
quite close to each other. In fact, my girlfriend in on other lists or
newsgroup, and we actually met a few people coming from the states just
for... uh well, Paris Opera Ballet. But then, it was really great to meet
them, and share IRL what they shared already online (their love for
ballet). I guess some of them came close to loving Paris adn France too.

Actually, the list I like the best right now, is paris-pm. That's probably
because I am becoming a crazy and disgusting computer geek (and that's my
job, too), because of the monthly meeting, the beer, and the fact that the
most proeminent people there know a lot about REAL computing (whatever it
means), and its history.

And well, there weren't much flames in those lists, probably the most
violent flame I saw in all those lists, was here, when Blade "Mayor of
Grooville" Harvey tried to call us his "loyal subjects"... mmm, there were
maybe a few ones also on oulipo, but overall, not much flames in my lists.

 Philippe BRUHAT - BooK                        http://www2.ec-lille.fr/~book/

 We vote to pick our leaders-     /     And we place them in a tower-
 Why is it that we cannot wait-   /     To vote them out of power?
                                (Intro poem to Groo The Wanderer #109 (Epic))