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Lists & Grooism Certificates

 Chad M. Riden wrote:

> I drew my head on an envelope and wrote in the same
> style, "enclosed is the chad riden NO-THANKS for your
> NO-PRIZE!" A few weeks later Stan wrote me a letter
> saying he got a kick out of it.

All right Chad!  You are my kind of guy!  (This should get you worried.)

The only other list I am on is the Asterix list.  I got on it as part of my
effort to find Turkish Groos.  Weeks go by with no posts.  The people are
nice and help each other find exotic translations and very occasionally
discuss the merits of different translations, but there is no goofy banter
and the posts are all excrutiatingly BORING!!!!!

btw,  My Groo ornament that I decided to order direct from Moore Creations
arrived yesterday!  Yea!!!  And the lady who took my order liked my little
story about Clayton Moore and Sergio getting together at San Diego that she
got him to sign it "to Gary"  Yea!!!  Then when I took it out of the
package, the top of one of Groo's swords fell off!  Arrgghh!!!  Fortunately,
it was a very clean break and I was able to superglue it back on and you
can't even tell it was ever broken.  Whew!!!

So that's two Yeas!!!, an Arrgghh!!!, and a Whew!!!   All in all, very
acceptable.  Have a good weekend all -Gary G.

PS  Whatever happened to the trek to Groo Street?