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Re: Lists & Grooism Certificates

> >btw,  My Groo ornament that I decided to order direct from Moore
> >arrived yesterday!  Yea!!!  And the lady who took my order liked my
> >story about Clayton Moore and Sergio getting together at San Diego that
> >got him to sign it "to Gary"  Yea!!!  Then when I took it out of the
> >package, the top of one of Groo's swords fell off!
> ME: I was sent two and the same thing happened on both.

Eek!  You are probably much more deft with such things than I am, but with
superglue, I am always afraid my hands will not be steady enough and I won't
have things lined up perfectly.  In this case, I had my wife help me.  First
I made sure I lined it up just right, then while I held the peices, Becky
put the glue on so I didn't have to move my hands much, then I stuck the
sword top on.  I'm probably the only person who requires four hands for such
a simple operation.  But of cousre, I am a Groo fan....

Gary "10 thumbs" Grossmann