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Re: lists

I'm a regular on several newsgroups in that realm, Long timer on alt.toys.transformers (the all encompassing TF NG, though we discourage buy/sell/trade stuff and of course binaires), which gets a huge amount of traffic, leading to a lot of fun and any question you have about anything TF related will probably get answered (continuity questions, parts i.d.). Unfortunately, with size comes flames, and anytime something new happens in the TF universe, we argue vehemently for and against. Hard to believe toys and cartoons can cause so much hate, but they can. Still fun, lot of good people.

There's also alt.toys.transformers.classic.moderated a ng devoted to the classic (ie Generation 1 (G1) mostly, but G2 and other older stuff is acceptable) TF's (yes, Transformers still exist today, with Beast Wars, now evolved to Beast Machines, and yes, the continuties tie together. ), the first Ng I started on and still go to. This list was started mostly by old timer fans who aren't too hot on the new stuff (or outright hated it). Actually, most old fans DO like the new stuff, like me :). It was moderated I think mostly to keep out Beast Wars fans from constantly flaming/trolling us, but its nice to go somewhere that's flame and spoiler free. Traffic is rather slow and the moderators (there's like 12 of them but only one I know who moderates regularly) often take days to approve messages. Plus certain topics get beaten into the ground again and again (nothing new to talk about, natch. All new stuff, EVEN if they brought back the old stuff in a new format, would be off topics).

I also irreguarly post to the GI JOe 1980s (focusing on the little ones, not the barbie dolls : ), which unfortunately is mostly toy trading instead of story discussion (my preference). I lurk at a Quinton Tarantino ng, pretty slow, and a wrestling ng, mostly people yelling at each other (well, it is a Wrestling ng, I guess we should act as such) but a lot of good info slips out too.

Mailing lists, this (groop) is my most fun, with by far the most injokes (it took me two months to absorb all the injokes floating around here before I started contributing). I'm on yet two MORE Transformer mailing lists, one for the Atlanta (my old stomping grounds) area (mostly for helping each other out where new toys are) which has a traffic in bursts, and occasionly story topics and story questions. We've only had two trouble makers, both of whom were not from Atlanta and were quickly squelched. I'm on a similar list for Central CA, which has had a total of 4 posts since I joined three months ago.

I chat on WiiGii!! on DalNET, mostly TF fans and friends talking about everything and anything.

Well, that's my new life.  Sorry if I bored you.  Time for fray!

Be dangerous... and unpredictable. And make a lot of noise!
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