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Re: lists

I was a member of a police/sting list.
They kept discussing stuff I have no idea about. And most of
them had every single sting/andy/stewart album ever, and I
felt like a non-fan next to any of them. And well, mail volume
was just to large.

I was also a member of feistfans-l. A mailing list devoted to
author Raymond Feist. Anyway, he's on the list and answers
questions and stuff just like mark. But the thing is, books 
arrive so much later here than anywhere else, and I can't read
most of the posts because of spoilers. There have been a lot
of nice on and off topic discussions, but I was just lurking.
And sometime ago, I got mysteriously unsubbed, and I haven't
taken the time to sub again.

Currently a member of a J. Zafra list, she's a local journalist
who writes a very nice column. She's actually on her own list
but never bothers replying to anyone. I just stay because she
occassionally posts her newspaper articles there. (I don't
subscribe to the paper she works on, I buy her compilations.)

Currently a member of a local gaming list and a local comic list.
The thing about the local gaming list is that everybody kind of 
knows everybody else, and get to see each other once a month or more
during local magic tournaments, etc. But the list gets quiet most
of the time, and even though everybody knows everybody else, the
list is kind of serious most of the time. The local comic list has
been nice due to a lot of comic discussions, nice people but I feel
it's too small a group. 

I'm also a member of the dci-judgelist and 2 magic strategy lists.
(For those who don't know, magic is a collectable card game.) But
I usually just read them for info, and they are commonly serious
lists anyway. 

And then there's the groop. No list I've ever been on is like the
groop. It's just so much fun here, sniffle sniffle. No other list
has got contests and awards nights and nate, or gary, or eric, 
or kevin, or tgd, or larry, or uni, or shane, or mark, or...