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Re: lists

I don't subscribe to many mailing lists at all... there's the Groop
(obviously) and my local hockey club list which tells me when and
where I should be playing each week...

There's a few newsgroups I subscribe to, though, which vary from
strictly on-topic to complete random wibble - the Groop falls pretty
much in the middle in that respect...


[1] Terry Pratchett is highly recommended reading for any Groo fan (or
anyone else, for that matter).  His Discworld books started out as a
parody of fantasy novels in general, but have since evolved into
something that's as funny and insightful as Groo at his best... he
also co-wrote Good Omens with Neil Gaiman which is just as good if not
better - everyone should go and buy it and read it right now.
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