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Re: Gary Grossman?

Hey! Wait a minute!!   First of all, the guy's name is spelled with one "n".
So he's not the real Gary Grossmann.  So ha! and double Ha!  (and double
"n")   There is a little runty character actor who appeared in "Bachelor
Party" and other movies & TV show named Gary Grossman, again with one "n".
(Yeah, yeah, I know.  Where does a guy who is 5' 7" get off calling some
else runty?)   Finally, Mark once told me he knew three other Gary
Grossman's and I bet they all spell their name with one "n".

And besides, I'm in a much more esteemed profession than producer, I'm a
government tax man....

Um.  Wait a minute.  Er, OK, forget that last part.....

-Gary G.

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> Just watched the Critic and this episode has him in Hollywood where he
> a sleazy producer name Gary Grossman?  Coincidence?
> Gabe
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