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Lunch with Superman

So every weekend I go to a deli (Rueben's Deli) on the East Side of
Providence w/ my partner in my comic biz.  Well, yesterday I walk in, place
my order, say "hi" to the folks who own the place and I notice someone
sitting at a table that I recognize but can't place.... hmmm.... then it
hits me..... it's Tim Daly.  The voice of the WB's Superman cartoon, former
star of the sitcom WINGS and most recently star of Stephen King's STORM OF
THE CENTURY tv movie.  He was there getting breakfast with his wife and
daughter.   Looked like he hadn't shaved in a few days and was in
sweatpants and a t-shirt.  I knew he lived in my state, but never gave it
much thought.

Even though we sat next to him, we didn't bother him, and neither did
anyone else in the place.  I don't think anyone recognized him.  But I'm
100% sure it was him.  

After he left I went up to the counter to grab a drink and mentioned it to
the owner who replied, "Really?  That was Tim Daly?"

So I had lunch next to Superman yesterday.  Thought some of you guys would
appreciate the story.

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