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Re: Flights, accomadations, etc. for Groofest

Hi Folks!

> From: "Finn Smith"

> Subject: Flights, accomadations, etc. for Groofest

> Hullo, groop.  Has anyone who has planned to go to the San Diego deal made
> arrangements yet?  Is anyone going to try to stay at the same hotel?
> didn't you mention one time a place to stay that was within walking
> of the Convention?)  It's never too early to begin planning . . .
> finn

You are correct, of course, and you are just a wee tad ahead of me.  My
intention is to put out one more mention of GrooFest to the Groop and then
largely restrict communications to the folks who want to be on the GrooFest
mailing list so we don't clutter up the main list.  Then we can get down to
planning.  So here we go:

Hey everyone!  Anyone who wants to hear about how GrooFest 2000 is shaping
up, even if you can't come, please let me know!  I will make sure you get on
the Groofest mailing list.  Or you can just do it yourself by going to

All people currently on the list should get this message twice.  Heavy duty
planning with respect to each persons logistical needs, coordination with
Mark & the rest of the Groo crew to whatever extent that's possible, as it
becomes possible, and so forth will commence March 1st.

btw, in addition to GrooFest 2000, there is this little comic convention
that you may have heard of that we are allowing, out of the goodness of ours
hearts, to go on at the same time and in the same place.   Its website is:
and those of you coming can get all sorts of great info from there and start
to figure out some things on your own.

Take care all (And be thinking about what, if anything, you want to have
made in advance as a "Groop" and/or "GrooFest 2000" identifier-remember two
things:  No copyrighted material and a blank space for Sergio, Mark, Stan &
Tom to sign)  -Gary G.