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RE: Mailing Lists

Hi, I'm pretty new to this list, but very old to this comic book.

I am a subscriber to two other lists.  That first list is the "Crossplains"
list at www.egroups.com.  Crossplains comics is a comic book company
dedicated to putting out comic books that are adapted from and faithful to
Robert E. Howard's original work.  We talk about a lot of stuff over there.
Howard's work and characters, comic books in particular and general
(regardless of publisher), science fiction, fantasy, horror, adventure
literature, movies, metaphysics, physics, music, haggis, The Cleveland
Browns, pecan logs and much more...there has even been some mention of Groo
himself.  We can be a rowdy bunch, and discussion can be heated, but almost
always with respect and consideration.  There have been a few wars waged, as
Howard fans can get quite animated at times, but the survivors are those who
approach the thing with respect and consideration, so war is not a problem.
If you enjoy any of the above topics please feel free to join the list.
Plenty of reading/viewing/listening suggestions abound, substantive
discussion is common, and jokes aplenty.  This list is high traffic (about
450 posts monthly).

The second list is "Super Hero News" also at egroups.  Less personal
conversation than Crossplains, but a worthwhile list if you want news
tid-bits about comic books or comic book related things.  There was one
conflagration between members there recently, and oddly Tony Isabella was
also there to tear into some poor helpless 13 year old that was a little
overly excited about the X-Men movie and somewhat annoying in manner.  But
that got resolved, and everyone is happy again.

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Hi guys/grrls!

I'm still hopelessly backlogged on my email
'n stuff.  Hope I can get through it all in
the next few days ...

Anyway, here's the comic related mailing
lists that I subscribed to:

DC Comics mailing list:
Nothing useful or of interest, so I unsub-

Marvel Comics mailing list:
Nothing useful or of interest, so I unsub-

Astro City mailing list:
Kurt Busiek is on the mailing list, and
answers questions, which is good.  The
general subscribers were ultra fanatical
(we're talking grossmann level).  They
discussed the comic books, made up
scenarios, etc.  But a few of them were
kinda rude, so I unsubscribed.  Heavy
volume of mail, too.  Probably a good
mailing list if you're an Astro City fan.

Groo mailing list:
Still haven't figured out what this
mailing list is about ...

Disney Comics mailing list:
Don Rosa is on the mailing list, and
answers questions, which is good.  Most
of the general subscribers are nice.
Byron Erickson, former editor of Glad-
stone comics, and current editor at
Egmont, joined the mailing list, answered
questions for a little while, went
ballistic on a subscriber (Byron thought
the subscriber put down the Egmont
writers/artists), then unsubscribed.
Still a pretty good mailing list, but
geared toward the European Disney comics.
They're really into analyzing stuff.  I
only read some of the posts.  I'm still
subscribed to this one.  Probably a good
mailing list if you're a Disney fan.
Probably have to watch what you say on
this mailing list.  The Disney police
or other weirdos may be watching you ...

Steve Ditko mailing list:
Was o.k. for a little while.  Tony Isabella
subscribed.  Someone asked for Steve Ditko's
address, saying he just wanted to be Ditko's
friend.  Tony accused him of stalking
Ditko.  Tony went on an ugly tirade.
Eventually, Tony got kicked off the
mailing list because he wouldn't stop his
tirade.  I stopped reading Tony's
column in the CBG after that.  I know Tony
is Mark Evanier's friend, but Tony has to
learn how to behave.  I unsubscribed from
this mailing list.

Comic Art mailing list:
Original comic art.  Kind of fun.  Sometimes
there are useful info (latest releases,
when dealer web sites are updated, latest
news about artists, etc.).  Kind of funny,
but some of the subscribers post messages,
which are in poor taste.  Someone said the
messages are 80% garbage, which I kind of
agree with.  Still worthwhile for the useful
info.  If you subscribe to the digest, then
you don't have to read every message.  You
can select which message that you want to
read from the titles at the top of the
digest.  There also chat sessions, which
are kind of fun.  I'm still subscribed to
this mailing list.  Probably a good mailing
list if you're into original comic art.
Dan Jurgens, Dick Ayers, Kevin Hall, Tim
Townsend, John Beatty, Casey Jones, and
other notables are subscribed.

See you.

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