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Round Robin

Hey gang, remember the Groo Round Robin story, #2? 
Well, it's languishing, unfinished.  Read the
silliness to date at:

The contributors originally scheduled to go are:
Chapter 10: DEMON SQUIRREL!!! aka Mark Napier 
Chapter 11: SportKing8 
Chapter 12: Gary Grossman 
Chapter 13: Dieter Opfer 
Conclusion: Nate Piekos 

If ANYONE on this list, or even not on it, wants to
continue the story, or, god help us, FINISH it!,
please contact me or the Shiek (aka Larry Stellar). 
Please put Rufferto the Were-Lawyer out of our, er I
mean his misery!

-- A2SG, is there anybody out there.....

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