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X-movie [OT]

Since it's so slow, here's some OT posting to annoy and provoke the masses: 

I was watching Entertainment Tonight last night and they did a little
preview of the X-MEN movie. I dashed to the living room when I heard the
grating, plastic voice of the hostess announce the preview...... Well, they
had about 2 minutes of spliced together footage, (mostly action scenes)
.... and it looks like crap. Total crap. It seems to represent all the
reasons why I stopped reading X-men in the early 90's. Yet another
comic-movie that will do more to hinder the genre than help it.  Oh, sure,
it'll bring up merchandising sales for X-men hats and t-shirts and toilet
paper and adult diapers with the "X" symbol at the waistline..... but it'll
fizzle just like BATMAN did.  boom and bust. boom and bust with no lasting
improvement to the comics industry.... *sigh.*  3 years from now, you'll
see some kid walking around with an X-men shirt and you'll regard him as
you'd regard a kid who still wears that glaring yellow-symboled BATMAN
shirt America came to love. (...yeah, I used to have one, wanna make
soemthing of it?) ; )

It wasn't even very interesting SFX. (pretty sad when I have to say THAT --
but most movies today impress the crotch-scratching, McLard burger swilling
John Q. Consumer with "really awesome effects, dude." -- the self-same
people I'd pay money to see beaten to death with a lead pipe in the theatre
after listening to them talk through the whole movie and kick my chair.....)

But being a movie buff, I'm sure I'll end up in a theatre watching X-MEN
THE MOVIE anyway....I'm a big fan of Patrick Stewart.   I just hope my
first assumptions here are terribly off the mark.... but I doubt it.

~Nate (Feeling cynical today -- Kev Hall said if LINT McCREE went well, I
couldn't be a brooding artist any more.... well ptbtbtbtbtbtbttb!  Kev! ; )
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