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RE: [OT] a good question...and a not so good answer.

At 02:36 PM 2/17/00 -0500, Sudilovsky, Ariel wrote:
Well, I say Mark Messier.
A lecture from Capt. Picard is enough to make a Klingon blanche.
I'd have to chose MM over J.Nicholas (also spelled wrong) because a good
golf swing is likely to travel along a line in line with fundamental parts
(the top head not being considered fundamental).  I'd also have to chose MM
over J.Nicholson cuz wood is easier to get hit by than sharpened metal.
(This is, of course, only my choice assuming that we didn't have a huge maze
in our backyard.)
...and besides hockey players are over rated for toughness!

True... Hockey players are overated for their toughness (and Mark Messier isn't all that tough. Darius Kasparitus is much more tough then he!) but Mark Messier just looks plain mean and mad!