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Sergio NOT in Sherlock: Undercover Dog

     Follow up to the post below.  It turns out the eBay seller was wrong 
     and Sergio, in fact, does NOT star in "Sherlock: Undercover Dog" 
     (Ruben, please remove from Sergiography).  Fortunately, the seller was 
     honest enough to admit his mistake (although he waited until the 
     auction was over for some reason) and didn't enforce any bids.
     Mike S.

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Subject: Sergio Stars in Sherlock: Undercover Dog
>      There's an interesting item on eBay that I don't believe is currently 
>      on Ruben's Seriography:  a video tape from 1994 starring Sergio and
>      Wayland Flowers called "Sherlock: Undercover Dog."  The lot 
>      description says the performance of the child and canine are 
>      "appealing"...but doesn't mention Sergio's performance!
>      Mike S.
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