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X-Men & Good Question...

Nate:  Wait until the video comes out and rent it.  Then you are only
contributing $2-3 to a crummy movie rather than $6-7.

Re good question:  I can look at this from several sides.  My Dad could make
Patrick Stewart sound like a pansy.  (Deeper voice, just as rich, albiet no
accent)  Plus he was valedictorian at Stuyvesant High School, NYC for gosh
sakes!!!  (This should mean something to New Yorkers) So compared to the
standards he set for himself, he was pretty easy on me.

Overall, I would prefer Mark Messier, or some REALLY tough hockey player,
like Gordie Howe, over the other two.  You talk back to Captain Picard, you
get thrown in the brigg-talking back to my Dad would have had much more dire
consequences-  Jack Nicholson has an axe and Scatman carruthers did not.  At
least in hockey you both have a stick, you are expected to fight back, and
you have pads in key places.

>From the perspective of being a parent, this is a non sequitor question for
me because all three of my kids are a lot smarter than I am.  Take care all,
Gary "K-A-T spells cat" Grossmann

PS  Dad was a great guy