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X-movie [OT]

I too don't like X-mex and those mutan based comics. 
They are just too many variants, crossover and sub
comics like wolverine etc.. and the stories are
continuos and if a person miss an issue, he will get
lost of the storyline and there is a lot of references
to the past issues/crossover/sub-comics.  Unlike these
kind of comic, Groo is easy to follow and the longest
storyline is just 4 issues.  Groo comics stories
always finish in one issues and it is exciting to read
the new story for the next issue.  That's why I love
groo comic book compared to X-men and Mutan based
comic books.

>Since it's so slow, here's some OT posting to annoy
and provoke the masses:
>I was watching Entertainment Tonight last night and
they did a little
>preview of the X-MEN movie. I dashed to the living
room when I heard the
>grating, plastic voice of the hostess announce the
preview...... Well, they
>had about 2 minutes of spliced together footage,
(mostly action scenes)
>.... and it looks like crap. Total crap. It seems to
represent all the

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